Tantric, Sensual and Erotic Massage for Men

These are a perfect introduction to those who wish to explore intimate man to man touch in a safe, consenting and private environment.

For all treatments and experiences you remain in control, if at anytime there is anything you don't like or wish to do you just need to say at at that moment we will immediately stop!

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about the experience

Massages can be performed on a massage table or comfortable double bed - all depends on your preference and how much body contact you would like.

I always invite clients to touch and explore as much or as little as they wish, it can be as interactive as you desire.

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This is a massage for you to relax, unwind and just enjoy yourself! This is a very erotic and pleasurable experience using different massage and techniques with particular emphasis on the erogenous zones - including buttocks, inner thigh, nipples, groin, perineum, genitals and anywhere else you like - such as prostate massage.

Giving or receiving a massage is a profoundly sensual experience, you are potentially allowing a stranger to touch, stroke and massage you in ways that you wouldn't ordinarily experience. An erotic massage allows you to experience that sensual touch without fear, just pleasure.

For this, and indeed any of the massage treatments, please feel free to make requests for what you enjoy, what you would like to feel and experience

Prostate Massage

A very popular, optional, aspect of many of the massage treatments I provide.

For many the prostate is an incredibly errogenous area, and can give a lot of pleasure if massaged and stimulated appropriately. This is an area of intimate massage that cannot be rushed, and is very rarely provided as its own stand alone experience.

The two most important words for getting the fullest enjoyment and pleasure from a prostate massage are relaxation and patience. We start with a simple relaxation exercise and then begin with a full body massage to allow you to get comfortable in the surroundings, and with me - so you feel confident in my touch and that I will work within your boundaries and comfort zones.

The massage is always carried out wearing disposable gloves for fingers and condoms for any toys that are used, and of course with lots of appropriate lube.


All massages use some form of oil for glide so that the therapists hands can run over your body easily and without friction or drag. Usually it is only a small amount needed, but it doesn't need to be. The bodyglide makes use of warmed massage oil (unfragranced) - and a lot of it ... often a litre or more!

You begin lying face down, then you will feel the oil being slowly poured down the back of your legs, over your buttocks, across your back, down the spine to finally feel it trickle down between your buttocks and onto your scrotum. Covered in oil able to feel my hands, arms, legs, chest, whole body glide and slide all over your body - full body to body contact.

Body Exploration

For many clients being able to touch and feel another mans body all over is an amazing and liberating experience, and one many clients enjoy during their visits.

This can be a part of the treatment in itself, the opportunity to look at, admire, touch, taste and explore another mans body. No rush, no judgements just time to enjoy the experience.

The Body Exploration is just that - you get to take control, you get to spend as much time as you like exploring all of my body. You can undress me, hold me, kiss, lick, run your hands all over my body as I am lying on the table for you to enjoy however you wish.

Anal Training

I am very experienced in helping guys become more comfortable with anal play, this can be trying it for the first time or just feeling more comfortable with guys with bigger / longer dicks.

My large selection of toys and dildos are used to help with this.

For those who want to go further I am an experienced fisting top, and also have a portable and hanging leather sling available for extended sessions.

Many people are also interested in fucking machines, and using them. This is a possibility and available for you to experience - and can be used with very small to very large dildos.

Gloves and condoms always used for anal play.