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So many guys love their kink, some just like to escape to it, some like to just wear gear that turns them on, for some it's a lifestyle and for some it becomes a business. That doesn't always mean a full-time job, for many they turn their particular interest into something they can share with others through the sale of goods or services.

And these guys, the smaller companies being run for passion and love of the product are the ones I really love! Because you aren't just buying a product, your buying their product that they designed, made and crafted just for you.

Some of them become well known huge brands in their own right - Fetters, Mr S Leather for example, others word spreads by word of mouth.

And so here is a list of the companies I use, and who's products I recommend if you are looking for something new.

Last Updated: 31st July 2018

Alpha Whips

Some people get very well known for their ability and passion for a kink. AlphaSadist is one such kinkster, his skill and hand with a single tail whip is outstanding. And he is one of those Kinksters who turned his passion into a busness with Alpha Whips which are available through his Etsy store from stock items to fully bespoke unique customised creations.

With products ranging from £65 through to £1,230 you are sure to find something that suits your skill, experience and budget!

Really wish I knew more about single tail play. Wonder if he offers training?

Twitter: @alphasadist


Utility or Urban Kilts have become quite a thing in recent years. And why not because they are damned sexy! Particularly with a pair of chunky boots, socks and pair of hairy legs ... sorry where was I again?

Lots of companies offer lots of kilts, but not many offer each kilt hand made to order at an affordable price! That is exactly what Regina offers, and I have had the pleasure of both her company and products and cannot rate then highly enough!

If you want a Kilt don't get an off the peg size, the better it fits the better it looks. And Alt.Kilt also won't charge you extra for being a bigger guy unlike some of their competitors. One price fits all!


Babes n-Horny

The first of four companies I use for all my dildos, strapons and butt plugs.

Silicone toys all handmade in London, from small to large and everything inbetween! These specialise mostly in strapons so flat bases you can use in a harness but that also makes them great for fucking machines and other bondage furniture. I have a mounting base under the seat of my B Bondage Chair for example that I can now use to fit something suitable for most holes.

And something that makes these toys unique are the finishes you can have them in, all my BnH toys are in Jungle Camouflage.

Twitter: @babesnhorny

Bare Leatherworks

Floggers, such versatile toys, and one that can be used for such a variety of experiences and sensations. Something about my dungeon is that I like things that match, sets of toys for example. And my floggers are most definitely one of these - I currently own 6 from Bare Leatherworks. Available in three basic lengths I have one mid-size (good for arses) and five full size floggers from very light (deer hide) to thick and heavy Buffalo and a cow hide / rubber ThudStinger combination.

Hand made in Seattle these guys are leaders at what they do, most outside the USA know them through their partnership supplying Mr S Leather in San Francisco. But if you are looking for some serious floggers then I suggest you talk to them.



This isn't so much as a shop, but a project and product. And it's beautiful!

A passion and a book. Just the one book (so far), but one of my favourite coffee table / phoeo boots. Bikes, men, leathers, black & white ... the perfect combination.

Twitter: @Bikershot1

Cable Locked

Like many I first found these through the Recon Store when that was still a thing. A simple, unique and customisable design of necklace / collar. And of course the padlock helps send a very clear message ... this boy / pup is owned.

What's your colour combination going to be? There are now 9 colours of cable to choose from and a stack load of coloured rings that you can use to customise your collar. Maybe to flag your hankies, or just add some accent.

I always collar my boys with Cable Locked Desgins.


Crack Stuffers

I wouldn't say big toys for greedy holes, I'd say fuck off huge toys for gaping monster holes.

I love ass play, whatever size or experience the hole in front of me has ... I want to work with it, relax it and open it up and give them pleasures and thrills they didn't think possible. The look in someone's eyes when they enter that zone and take a finger to the prostate for the first time, a fist, a deep plug or a huge dildo. It's amazing! And I like to ensure I have toys fit for all holes, and for those who want bigger or longer Crackstuffers are one of the go to companies!

Unfortunately not silicone (my fave material) but they have changed in recent years to better, bluer and more suitable materials. The advantage of their material choice of course is price - cheaper.

Twitter: @crackstuffers


Having a dungeon that is nearly 3m high allows me to enjoy some fun with suspension scenes!

And with this of course you want to be able to easily lift people up and hold them mid air. Not as easy as it sounds, certainly not to do it safely! And to allow me to do this I employ two separate hoists - one electric and one (mostly) manual.

The electric is good, its quick, its easy, but its noisy and you have to have power and a controller around

And manual can be hard to find a suitable, quality product. A worm gear winch from the American company Dutton-Lainson is your answer.

These will stop and hold their position without any brake or restraint being applied, so you don't have to worry about remembering to lock anything off, or holding onto anything to release a ratchet to lower them down. Just simple turn the handle and release.

Part of the reason for this is the gearing ratio (30:1) it is a slow winch to use, thirty rotation of the handle to do one rotation of the wheel. So it also makes the process very light and easy. But because it is so slow I always recommend getting the Hex drive handle. It has a 5/8 inch socket on it and comes supplied with a suitable handle to operate the winch.

You can then take the handle off and leave it safely out of the way so you don't hit it when moving around (done that too many times). But importantly what you can also do is a get a socket attachment for an electric drill! I have a cordless Ryobi One+ drill in the dungeon that I keep charged up and to hand. I now have the advantages of an electric hoist, all the advantages of a manual hoist and none of the downsides of the electric hoist.

These winches do of course need some fairly heavy-duty fixings to hold them in place, but once you have one you'll understand why I don't use anything else.


E-Stim Systems

E-Stim, electro play, it has a variety of names but they all are about the same thing - electricity and sex!

There are many companies who make various products, some make their own, some rebadge products, some get them made by 3rd parties. E-Stim design and manufacture everything themselves here in the UK since in 2004.

And in my view they are the best systems you can get! They have five different power boxes to suit everyones budget, the 2B is their top of the range box and something quite special! You can control it via a USB port remotely, or create your own fun programmes.

When playing with electricity and the body it is so so important to have complete trust in the products you are using, and now I won't use anyone elses!

These guys also produce some of the most amazing insertable toys for all sizes of holes!!

Twitter: @estimsystems

Fetish Freak

Jonathan, so many people know Jonathan on the London fetish scene. Which isn't surprising when you talk to him and hear how long he has been around the scene working the bars and stores!

And all of them will love him! He is such a great guy, and if you are looking for new leathers then this little store in Oval should be your first stop!

My first full BlUF outfit came from Jonathan and I still wear it today.

Oh, and if the sights and smells of leather and rubber in the store gets you a bit horny you can always get your cock out and shoot your load into this months Jizz Pants.

Twitter: @fetishfreakldn