Custom Pup Hood Visualiser v1.0

Welcome to my Custom Pup Hood visualiser! I have been thinking of buying a custom Pup Hood for a while now, but wanted to play about with some colour combinations to see what worked. And this is the result of it ... nothing too fancy, just somewhere to find the look of your inner pup!

Once you have a colour scheme you like you can order your chosen hood design from the amazing team at Mr S Leather here.

This visualiser is just to give an idea of how a completed hood may look, please discuss any queries on the colours, design etc with the team Mr S before ordering! I am working on improvements to this including the ability to link directly to your design to share with others, in the mean time please have a look and tweet me your thoughts and suggestions!

Front & Sides (Section 1): 

Top and Back (Section 2): 

Eyebrows (Section 3): 

Inside Ears (Section 4): 

Outside Ears (Section 5): 

Middle Snout (Section 6): 

Outside Snout (Section 7): 

Snaps (Section 8): 


If you wish to share your Pup Hood design you can create a Share URL here,
you can then copy and paste it and share on Twitter!

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