Phone & Text Sessions

Waiting by the Phone for you slave

I am aware that not all slaves and boys are able to visit me in my Dungeon in the West Midlands. But they still desire to be trained and humiliated by a Leather Master.

Therefore I am now able to offer my training services for them.

Phone Sessions

I offer phone sex chat, humiliation, domination and training sessions. These can be about any fetish, interests or subjects you like - let your imagination and fantasies go wild! Arrange a session and you can either call me or I call you at the agreed time and then you just get to enjoy some very horny chat and fun!

Text / WhatsApp

If you would prefer sex chat by text this is available using SMS (standard texting), WhatsApp or Telegram. You may of course send me photos and video's as part of this, and I can send you photos back as well. You may like to just discuss the kind of sex you crave, or would like to be given tasks and instructions to follow by your Sir and then send photos of them once done.

Rates & Payments

Payment can be made by direct Bank Transfer, or buying an Amazon Gift Voucher. Chat services must be prepaid!

For an Amazon gift voucher these can be purchased at any PayPoint store or are available in many high street stores like WH Smiths and supermarkets for cash so completely discreet! Or they can be bought online via Amazon - you just need to provide the long voucher code to me.

Payments are to be made in multiples of £10. This can be used for just one type of chat, or mixed between phone, text and email as you wish.

Phone Sessions
Phone sessions are charged at £2.50 per 5minutes (or part of).

For a phone session I will call you back so nothing will appear on any itemised phonebill, and can call you from a witheld number so that the number wont appear in you phones log / record either. Once the session is complete I will use the phones call time indicator to for the call length.

Text Chat
Texts are charged at £2.50 per 20 messages sent by me.

Chat can be by SMS text, WhatsApp or the Telegram app - picture messages can be sent either way. However any pictures that I don't currently have that are requested will be charged as 10 texts.

E-Mail Training
Texts are charged at £2.50 per 5 minutes reading / composing emails.