Instagram Hashtag Generator

You can use this page to generate hashtags to use in your Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr posts.

Each category has a curated list of suitable hashtags for each category, please feel free to email me suggestions for more tags or categories!

Notes on using this form:
  • Instagram only allows a maximum of 30 hash tags per post
  • You can enter the picture description and include your own hashtags before generating the list, these hash tags will be taken into account in the total.
  • The list won't include duplicates (including your own tags)
  • Using the values as a max count will include between 1 and the max you specify for each category
  • This service is provided as it, please report and make suggestions for improvements
  • If you want to say thankyou you can buy me a coffee
  • Hashtags last update: 23rd July 2018 - now 355 hastags available

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