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Masters & Their Boys

2nd September 2016

There is such a powerful connection between a Sir and his boy / pub / slave. These are some of my favourite pictures that show this intense and amazing connection and relationship.

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30 Days of Kink – Day 8

11th August 2016

Post a kinky image you find erotic.

Now you would think this would be one of the easier¬†questions! But not really, there are so many that I love … my PC on the dungeon has a screensaver of my favourite photos that I save from tumblr and the internet that I really like. This folder in itself has over 1,200 pictures in it! And so I present here a selection of my favourite pictures for different moods. One of them was taken in my very own dungeon by the sexy and talented Neil Z Page. If you are looking for a fetish photographer you should definitely call him!

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New Bondage Gear

19th October 2015

bondage-gear01 bondage-gear02 bondage-gear03

I recently added some new bondage gear to the Dungeon collection that you can see above. Firstly some Fetters metal wrist manacles, these are very comfortable to wear – cold steel against your skin. And locked on rather cleverly with a concealed allen key lock. Look out for the matching ankle manacles that will be coming – perfect to combine with a piece of chain to the wrist ones and of course 1Kg heavy metal collar!

The 2nd item are some locking padded leather fist mitts. These are fully leather lined and padded with a padlockable buckle to keep them securely in place. They are close fitting and contoured, designed to fit a closed fist. When these padded fist mitts are fitted they completely immobilise the wearers hands, preventing them from being used.

The two together make for a very hot, frustratingly so for the slave, experience.

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