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SirDave Stories: Boot Worship

4th May 2021

The boy crawls forward as instructed and just before he reaches the tall black leather boots Sir Dave instructs him further.

‘Stop there boy. Start with the toe of the left boot, I want to see your slave tongue working hard to polish it. Now boy.’ He says assertively and with ease.

The boy begins to work his tongue up and down, left and right, lapping away at the leather, the taste of it consuming his mouth. Making him desperate for more, his head unable to see anything but the hard floor and the toe of the boot in front of him. The boy licks so hard and so desperately that soon the toe of the boot is wet and dripping. Sir Dave notices this,

Now make it shine with your face boy.’ He commands and uses His right boot to force the boy’s head down into the boot, the boy feels the boot dig into his skin and guide his face across the boot, the wetness soaking into his face and the smell of leather all over his face. Sir Dave then removes his right boot and looks down at the boy’s work.

‘Not good enough boy, again!’ And with this instruction the boy feels a sharp, quick slap to his arse, the pain registering first before the sound even connects the dots of what happened. The boy gets to work once more, licking every part of the toe that he can reach whilst he’s on his knees and once again after a few minutes Sir Dave forces his head down into the boot and makes the boy mop up the wetness.

‘Hmmm, you need to work on this boy. My boots deserve the best shine. Your tongue is always the starting point before I allow you to really buff them up with polish boy. Now onto the right toe.’

The boy repeats the procedure for the right boot, working a little harder this time though knowing that Sir Dave isn’t satisfied yet. His face quickly becomes dry from the amount of saliva that has soaked into his skin. Once the process has been completed twice Sir Dave then speaks up.

Now move forward a little, begin work on the leg of left the boot. There’s a lot of space there boy and all of it needs to shine. I want to feel your slave tongue through the leather boy.’ He says with conviction.

‘Yes Sir!’ The boy replies and he places his tongue as hard as he can against the leather before he feels another smack to his arse.

‘I didn’t tell you to speak boy!’ Sir Dave says fiercely. ‘Just do as you’re told and lick you piece of shit.’ The boy obeys and licks deep, hard but slow. The boy continues like this for a while until there’s another smack on his arse.

‘Faster boy!’ Sir Dave commands. The boy licks fast, deep, he feels his tongue massaging the leather. Sir Dave growing impatient grabs the boys head firmly with his gloved hand and moves the boys head up and down.

‘Like this boy.’ He orders. He let goes of the boys head and the boy stays in the same motion his tongue swiping up and down the leather, the entire length of the right hand side of the boot is wet now.

‘Now the other side.’ Sir Dave says. The boy obeys and works on the other side with the same dedication.

‘Now you’re getting it boy, worship them. These are your Master’s boots, they deserve the same amount of respect that I do.’ The boy listens and obeys.

Finally after what felt like a good hour to the boy Sir Dave grabs his head once more, ‘Tongue back in your mouth boy, let’s dry the boot.’ The boys face is rubbed up and down against the leather, his saliva drying once more into his skin.

‘Now the leg of the right boot boy. Show it your devotion boy, show me you’re learning.’ Sir Dave says as he leans back in his chair, the sound of his leathers creaking in his chair. The boy spends what feels like another hour fixated on the leg of the boots until eventually Sir Dave repeats the same process.

‘Tongue in boy.’ And he grabs the boys head to dry the boot.

With the boot dry Sir Dave pulls the boys head up so he can see Him in all His glory. Sir Dave smiles through his Muir Cap and slaps the boy with his left hand, the boys head turns away as he feels his cheek raw, Sir Dave brings his head back to centre and repeats. Sir Dave then does the same process with his other hand. The boy cowering slightly now.

‘Be humble boy.’ Sir Dave says as he takes his left glove off his hand and then strikes it across the boys face hard, the boy almost goes sideways off his knees. Sir Dave stands up and pushes the boy back with his boot, the boy now on the floor looks up at his Master.

‘Tongue out boy.’ The boy obeys and sticks his tongue out, Sir Dave raises his boot and places the sole of his left boot against the boys mouth.

‘Lick the soles. Get them clean, I don’t want a speck of dirt there boy.’ The boy licks and licks until his tongue begins to feel dry against the soles. Sir Dave then swaps the soles and the boy licks the other pair without instruction.

‘Good boy. You’re learning, from now on when I’m wearing these boots the first thing you will do is kneel and kiss them, even if we meet in public boy, you see these boots and you kiss them, you will then ask me if they need cleaning. You will do this every time you see me in them boy. Nod your head so I know you understand.’ The boy nods his head as much as he can underneath the boot.

‘Good boy, now,’ Sir Dave says as he takes the boot away and sits back down in his chair. ‘On your knees, hands behind your back.’ The boy kneels, his pathetic slave cock wet and dribbling pre cum. ‘The next part of me you will show your dedication to is my gloves. Open your mouth boy.’

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SirDave Stories: The Collar

14th April 2021

The boy hears the door open. The sound of a boot heel greeting the floor, growing closer and closer. The boy feels leather on the back of his neck, he feels Sir Dave’s fingers glide across the lower of his neck. The boy makes sure to hold the leather collar at an appropriate level so Sir Dave does not have to lean down, reach or strain to take it from the boy’s hand. It’s at the perfect height as a sign of respect. The boy quivers as he senses Sir Dave walking around him. The boy can hear leather shift around, his mouth salivating in desperation.

‘You will kneel, head down and present the collar I have chosen.’ Sir Dave had said before entering the dungeon, His voice echoes around the boys head as he waits in anticipation. The boy feels Sir Dave take the collar from his hands, the leather gloves making the briefest of connections with the boys hand, his soon to be owned slave cock bounces with excitement.

‘Excited boy?’ Sir Dave says in His dominant, caring and assertive voice.

‘Y-yes Sir.’ The boy replies.

‘You know you won’t be touching that pathetic cock don’t you.’ Sir Dave says as He walks behind the boy. The boy knows it’s not a question because the sound of His boots, a thick thud every-time they touch the floor, acting as the full stop to any sentence.

The boy feels the leather collar being placed around his neck, this is it he thinks; he’s about to lose his free will, he’s about to become an object. The leather collar is tightened, fastened and then he hears a lock with a gentle click. He quivers once more. Sir Dave walks around the boy once more, He moves the collar slightly and then the boy hears another clip followed by a tug. The leash has been attached.

‘Looks good on you boy. You suit the black and red leather, maybe in time I’ll let you wear a leather jock to match. But for now, I want you to feel my collar around your neck.’ Sir Dave says as He stands in front of the boy who continues to look down, now staring at the perfect black boots Sir Dave has chosen. The boy sees his slave cock bouncing and wet.

‘Ignore it boy.’ Sir Dave says as He sits down in His throne in front of the boy. ‘Look up boy,’ Sir Dave orders. The boy looks up and sees Sir Dave in all His glory, His leathers perfectly aligned, everything in its right place, His muir cap shielding His eyes from the boy, and yet the boy feels His gaze. The boys heart beats faster in response, the sense that whilst Sir Dave is looking at him, degrading him, making him whole. His leather tie the perfect length. His crotch a focal point for the boy at his kneeling height. His tight black leather gloves, one idling and resting on the arm of the chair, the other grasped around the leash of the boy’s collar. This being the reminder to the boy that Sir Dave is speaking and he must now focus. ‘Tell me boy, how does that collar feel? What does it mean to you?’

‘It’s restrictive Sir. It feels tight, but soft. It feels correct, as if I’ve been missing something there all my life.’

‘Good boy. What else?’ Sir Dave demands.

‘I won’t lie Sir, it feels slightly strange but comforting…it’s hard to describe beyond saying I feel safe and secure.’

‘Good boy, that’s because you’re now owned. The collar is your first step in letting go, handing over control to a Superior, it’s not a weakness, it’s a strength. You’re strong enough to know that the black and red collar is what you need, that it gives you purpose and through that I guide you.’

‘Thank you Sir.’ The boy replies.

‘Now, crawl forwards and show my boots the respect they deserve.’

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From Suits to Skinhead (Part 1)

27th August 2019

Not so long ago I had a repeat visitor for a Slave for A Day booking. But this was to be slightly different, to fulfil a fantasy from his younger days when he remembered seeing Skinheads. Their big boots, jeans, braces, Fred Perry shirts and the attitude that went with it.

A city worker more used to shirts and ties then then boots and braces this was to be quite an impressive transformation.

And it all started before he had stepped foot into the Dungeon. If he was to be turned into not just a skinhead, but My skinhead boy he needed bleachers! And to ensure he knew he was mine they would be bleachers I prepared and presented him with. Jeans purchased and prepared. For bleachers I am a big fan of skinny fit jeans like these. Note all pics posted are always with full permission and consent.

Skinny Bleachers
Skinny Bleachers

He also placed an order with Bleachers & Co for some 14hole Rangers boots, laces, braces, Fred Perry Shirts and Harrington jacket. In addition to a pair of the back-zip jeans. I have purchased gear from them before, but this is the first time I’ve seen their modified jeans and they are as impressive as they look on the site! The zips are hidden away so perfect for wearing in public.

The gear was delivered to here waiting for me to begin his transformation.

Many who visit for the Slave for a Day session book into the Premier Inn hotel at Wolverhampton as they usually aren’t local. Since he was arriving a day earlier an extra preparation session was added on to the evening before his day of service.

The clothes he was wearing when I collected him were all that he had in the hotel … everything else was in his car, so whatever he was wearing when I dropped him off at the hotel was all he had to wear.

Firstly – his cock had to be locked! It is of no use to either of us, so we started off with locking that in a snug pink chastity device. I of course kept the key, but in case of emergency he was given a spare key in a sealed envelope to present when returning to show that he hadn’t removed the device.

Stripped and locked I took all his clothing away … he wouldn’t need them until after the session as complete the following day! If he wanted to be transformed into a skinhead, he would always be one for the duration of his time with me.

Slave marked and waiting

The session would of course start with some training, dressing his Skinhead Master, cleaning his boots and lacing them up. And then there was a lot more to come later in the day.

To be continued …

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Stompers … A Boot Worshippers Paradise

26th August 2018

Since posting this image Instagram I had planned on making a blog post about these boots. But news today has led to a change of subject.

Mike McNamee, probably not a name you are familiar with. But one that the Leather community the world over will know the influence of. Mike was the founder and original owner of a store many have visited or certainly heard of – Stompers Boots in San Francisco.

I was saddened to read this morning of the death of Mike, someone I had the pleasure of meeting twice. And both times boots where of course involved! The first was a to the store back in around September 2011, when I ordered one pair of boots, and bought another. Both I still have with me and wear regularly … remember good boots are built to last.

This wasn’t my first visit to SF or indeed to Stompers, but it was to be the first two pairs of boots I bought! Only one of them was planned. I’d finally have an opportunity to order my first pair of Wesco boots – 11″ Harness boots.

When investing in custom fit gear you want to make sure you have your measurements correct. You can’t return them! So having someone experienced do the order is beneficial, and Stompers offered a discount by ordering through them.

Mike was of course excellent in taking the measurements, and making advice on the style, finish and fitting. Fitting and chatting done, time to pay … but then something caught my eye. Of course every wall of the store was covered boots, the store room floor to ceiling packed with boxes! But there was something I noticed, it was actually one of the most popular boots Mike sold I believe. They are Corcoran 985 10″ Black Leather Side Zip Boots.

Read More …

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Back In the Dungeon … Refurb Complete!

17th July 2018

June was a busy month for me, not least because I took the opportunity to redecorate the Dungeon!

I’m really pleased with the new look, not a huge change, new flooring, some new painting, changing of storage and displays and a new Geardrobe full of kit to wear … for Sir and slaves!

So if you are looking for a session call 07516 036 105 to get booked in! Here is a preview of some of the changes and gear in the dungeon now.

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails” override_thumbnail_settings=”0″ thumbnail_width=”240″ thumbnail_height=”160″ thumbnail_crop=”1″ images_per_page=”20″ number_of_columns=”0″ ajax_pagination=”0″ show_all_in_lightbox=”0″ use_imagebrowser_effect=”0″ show_slideshow_link=”1″ slideshow_link_text=”[Show slideshow]” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Gear Play is Horny

I have lots of gear and kit, mostly Leather but the variety includes rubber, lycra, pvc, hi-vis, sports kit, and a variety of jocks and pants! So if you prefer some loose fitting footy shorts, or lycra cycling kit I’m sure I have something to wear you will find horny and fun to submit to.

One of the things several people have commented on is that they would like to play / serve wearing some sort of gear.

So I now have a collection of Jockstraps in a variety of colours and sizes and matching football socks. An absolutely classic and very horny combination! I am also looking at building a collection of Boys Boots too – details of those will come to complete the set.

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