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Covid-19 Update

2nd July 2020

At this time, I do not have a firm date on which I start sessions again, I am hoping it will be the middle of July 2020. But as with everything the last few months, nothing can be set in stone and we need to evaluate the situation nearer the time.

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When I am able to start seeing people again I will initially be limiting to one booking per day to give me time to complete the extra work that is going to be needed between sessions.

This may require I take a deposit for all bookings to ensure I get to see everyone who wants to visit. I cannot afford timewasters!

As soon as you arrive, I will have hand sanitiser for us both to use! Then while we have our usual chat about the session, and I will ask about your current wellbeing and health to makes sure we both feel happy to continue – if you do not feel 100%, have a temperature or any of the symptoms do not come!

Once the date is confirmed as always if you cannot make a session please tell me! If you do not cancel you will forfeit any deposit. I would rather you call the day before and cancel so that we can rebook the session.

One change I have made in the dungeon is to remove all toys and equipment from display. It will mean that I do not have everything immediately to hand, but also means I know anything that has been used is out and needs cleaning.

I always clean everything after every session, but with Coronavirus everyone is stepping up these efforts. All toys and equipment are disinfected using an appropriate cleaning product – I have various disinfectants and surface cleaners available that kill both bacteria and viruses.

I also need to think about the gear that I wear. Clothing and towels are all washed at 60 degrees with detergent. But some gear like leather and boots are harder so will be cleaned with appropriate cleaning solutions and conditioners.

There may be some activities that we aren’t able to do, and if there is anything particular you are looking for please let me know in advance so I can prepare and ensure we can do as much as possible want safely.

Do not forget any prepayments for sessions paid before I start to see people again are reduced by 20%. Things are changing all the time, so if you have any questions please get in touch, ask and keep an eye on my blog here and twitter for updates.

Stay safe.

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Covid-19 Update

11th May 2020

When the Covid-19 Coronavirus hit I knew it meant one thing for me – no kink and no sessions. And then the official lock down advice kicked in, faced with a completely unknown period of time before I could see any of my clients again I decided I needed to keep my own mental health at the forefront and so took a break from twitter, email and my work phone.

I apologize if you have tried to contact me in this time, but I had to focus on me here and what I was going to do.

But I’m pleased to say the break has done me the world of good, I can’t see anyone for sessions yet but I can get back online and reconnect to people. And part of this is going to be creating some new video content, some videos introducing myself, my gear, my kit and what I like and hopefully giving some advice or information you find useful.

So please get in touch and follow me on Twitter. Or check out my new Video Library, watch and enjoy!

Sir is back!

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Enfettered – The New Name for Bondage & Dungeon Kit

24th February 2020

I am guessing you haven’t heard of the name Enfettered. If you are looking for new furniture for your dungeon, or have some interest in medical play, or just appreciate fucking good quality BDSM gear you really do need to check them out.


I have had the pleasure of visiting Enfettered at their studio just outside Milton Keynes, and it is not until you meet the team and more importantly see the products that you realise they are something very different. To start off with these are products designed by players, experienced players with over 30 years of experience in BDSM.

Furniture – Built Like No Other

I have my own dungeon, it has some amazing pieces of kit in it. And finding dungeon furniture that is functional, sexy to look at and sturdy is hard! There aren’t many companies in the world, let alone the UK, that make stuff that fits that brief.

And for me, one of the most important attributes of any furniture is sturdy – like the former PM used to say it has to be strong and stable. I want subs and slaves to feel above all else safe – if the bench or table they are strapped to is wobbling around and they are worried it may collapse I have failed not only as a Dom but a professional.

Above is one of the signature pieces from Enfettered … something I thought looked amazing with the moment I saw it and then fell in with love the moment I touched it. This is their fully-featured version costing £2,795 the series 1 without all the accessories is £1,650 (to which you can add accessories at a later date).

The first thing to notice about this is the size of the box frame for the metalwork – it’s chunky! Approximately twice as large as most other manufacturers, which means two things – firstly strength! This is going to hold the biggest rugby player without any problems. And it’s heavy … with great strength comes great weight. But those four wheels make it the easiest thing to move in your dungeon and once locked that bench is not moving!

When you visit and get up close with Enfettered furniture you will see the attention to detail they have, the back lift on the bench at an angle. In addition to the box frame around the edge of the back it has a centre support too – probably not needed, but that extra support gives you 100% confidence in it.

Some other things to note about the Enfettered range, apart from the fact you may have noticed how much I love them, is the accessory attachments. You can’t see them super clear in this picture, but the side tray, the fucking machine holder etc all have the same size attachment. So you can move things around – and then use them on other furniture too! Or get different attachments later on like a venus/milking attachment holder for example.

The photos here show off some of their other products, and they have added suspension harnesses, silicone restraints and bondage straps (blue in pic above), velcro finished quick release cuffs. The pics above also show the finish of the leatherwork with quilted or stripped stitching in a colour to suit your playspace.

There is one new piece of furniture coming out soon that if you have space for in your dungeon you will definitely want! I know I do … but I just need a bigger dungeon!! Make sure you follow them on twitter to find out what it is!

Check out their website and if you are in the market for dungeon furniture or bondage restraints then I definitely recommend giving them a call and booking in a visit to their showroom dungeon. You won’t be disappointed.

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London Dates & Mastery at The Backstreet

5th January 2020

I’m very excited to be attending Brew Hunter’s Mastery at The Backstreet in London, the UK’s only strict dress-code Leather Bar. If you are attending would be great to say hello – but introduce yourself as I have a terrible memory and won’t recognise most people I follow.

Sessions Available 18th & 19th January in London

I am also taking bookings for subs or slaves looking to serve in London.

If you have always wanted to experience a session with me now is the perfect opportunity! Book early to get the best times available, deposits will be required! Contact me via email or call / WhatsApp 07516 036 105.

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Cocktails with Sir: Bourbon Baileys

31st December 2019

This past Christmas I was passed a family recipe … homemade Baileys! I didn’t think it would work, but this stuff really does!! Being a Bourbon fan I have used some Makers Mark here in mine, the measures below do give quite a Bourbon flavour to it, so use Scotch or slightly less alcohol if preferred.

I also use Emlea Single here as that has a slightly better shelf life than regular cream, but that is a personal preference. Once mixed make sure you taste and adjust the mixture to your preference.

If you want to go real retro you can use Camp Coffee instead (reduce to 2tsp and taste).

Happy New Year, I hope 2020 is a great kinky one for you!


  • 350ml Bourbon / Scotch
  • 1 Tin Condensed Milk
  • 1 Tub Single Cream
  • 2tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 4tsp Espresso
  • 2tsp Chocolate Sauce


Put all the ingredients into a blender, blitz for 30seconds and then pour into sterilised container. Or gym shaker so when working out your “Protein Shake” gives you that bit of an extra kick!

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