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Design Your Pup!

3rd March 2018

Mr S Leather have led the way in innovation for those into Puppy play. They had the neoprene Woof! muzzle (which I happily own), and they had some leather and rubber pup hoods and then the developed the Neoprene Puppy hood which I would say has become one of the most popular hoods on the market! It is certainly the one I see around on Twitter and at events most.

And it’s not surprising really, it is an amazing hood – super comfortable to wear, easy to drink with and keeps the mouth clear (the Woof! muzzle isn’t as good at this bit I find). And best of all, the Neoprene hood can come in custom colours … I’ve been trying to work out how many designs you could have, but quite frankly my head started to hurt so I didn’t bother. But I may come back to that one day!

The problem is deciding which of the combinations of colours you want for your inner pup, it’s quite a big thing! Has to reflect your pups personality, persona, breed may. So you want to get it right! And so to help with this I have put together a Pup Hood Visualiser on the site. I did this independently, just for something to help me design my own puppy’s look. And in doing it thought you guys may be interested to!

At the moment the visualiser only works for the Neoprene style of hood, if there is interest I can add the Leather Pup hood to it too in time and some extra features. For now, go ahead and design your own hood and order one from the team in San Francisco!

Design your pup hood here!

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Nasty Pig Cap & Leather Mask

22nd January 2018

Gear is about what you feel sexy wearing, and if you feel confident and comfortable wearing it then that will show through and you will look incredibly sexy. This Snout baseball cap from Nastypig (available from UK via Clone Zone) is a personal favourite! In fact you will usually see me wearing this rather then the traditional Leatherman Muir Cap. Don’t get me wrong I love the look of the classic Muir cap, but so far haven’t found the right one for me that I think suits and looks right. And personally I find there is something sexy about baseball caps!

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When my first sling got lost in the hotel …

4th December 2017

I saw a post on twitter that reminded me of my very first sling, and associated sling stand!

At the time I didn’t have anywhere to permanently hang a sling, or at least fix attachment points to that I was confident would be safe and secure! So I looked at doing what lots of people do in that situation and buy a portable sling stand. The problem was … not many places sold them in the UK, and certainly not at a reasonable price!

Back then one of the few places to make a decent frame was Jim Support (and in my view still one of the best). Fort Troff were a distributor and did a good priced package that included the frame, a canvas sling and importantly canvas bag to carry it all in! The bag was quite important …

The plan was to buy the stand whilst on a trip to the USA, as it was significantly cheaper. And a few messages to and from FT helped to work out that the frame in the bag would fit within the checked baggage dimensions and it was just under the weight limit for my flight home! Maybe an unusual item to carry home, but it fit and that was good for me.

So order placed in plenty of time, and a few dildos and extra items added to the order too. Instructions agreed for delivery to hotel, who were notified to be prepared for delivery prior to my arrival. Package was Fedex’d from Fort Troff to the hotel … exciting!

On arrival at the hotel check in was the usual breeze, and the receptionist informed me there was a package waiting.

They went to fetch it.

two minutes later returning to the front desk with a small box about 20cm x 20cm. “That’s not what I was expecting … I think there should be another much larger and heavier box.” A few clicks, a phone call…

“No, that’s it Sir this is all we have for you.”

This wasn’t going well … my rather expensive delivery was lost somewhere in the USA! I contacted Fort Troff who were super helpful and did some checking, yup both parcels delivered. Front desk continued to claim just the one. I was waiting on the proof of delivery to be emailed over while I went out for a coffee and donut … I needed comfort food! Forwarded to the hotel along with the name of the person who signed and an hour later it had been “found”.

I then had a slightly different frustration – the hotel rooms are quite compact and not enough room to try out my new purchase! No way I was going to balance it on the bed … a recipe for disaster!

The frame survived the flight and journey home, and had several years of excellent use before being passed on to a new home to be enjoyed and used!

And if you are ever looking for a sling stand to use on your own home, dungeon, event or hotel room the Jim Support frames are amazing! No tools required, they can take a hell of pounding and heavy use and pack up super small to slide under the bed or in the cupboard.

The canvas sling is great because you can throw it in the washing machine to get all the spunk, lube, piss etc out no problem. But they aren’t super comfortable for longer sessions as they don’t offer much support to the back across the shoulders – a firmer leather sling is best if possible.

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Coming Soon – Fold Down Bondage Table

30th October 2017

I am frequently asked by regular subs and slaves “What new gear have you got Sir!?”

Never satisfied … always wanting new ways to be tormented. I have a shopping list of gear I want to get, never seem to make it to the end though, and this is currently at the top of the list – the Fetters Wall Table with Folding Legs! Though I am going to have some adjustments made to it to fit my existing bondage board with all its extra restraint points and hole for slave cocks to hang through attached to the Venus milker! It also makes a nice St Andrews cross / standing flogging support when at an angle on the wall.

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Time for some bum fun … prostate massagers

1st February 2017

I was recently asked if I could recommend some arse play / prostate stimulators. And in the words of the Sally …. yes, yes, yees, yes, YESSSS! And so here are my recommendations for really getting your ass excited and your cock ready for some mind blowing orgasms!

These are presented in price order, getting more expensive as they go on, but all offer something of a buzz! And don’t forget the lube…


Rocks Off Raspberry (19.99)

Not sold directly as a “prostate stimulator / massager” this little bundle of joy deserves its place here. Small, perfectly formed and with their own RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator this definitely packs a punch! The vibrator can be removed easily for super easy clean up.

If you want to feel a little something inside your hole that is a bit more exciting then just a butt plug this is a good place to start. But if you are experienced in some anal play, maybe skip down a few places.


Rocks Off Rock Quest (£24.99)

Now we get serious … the perfect place for prostate beginners to start. This affordable bundle of joy is small, discrete and perfectly sized. The silicone ring on the outside is comforting to know about … particularly if you get a bit greedy and start to suck it up as you ride it!

The Quest has 10 speed sensations / speed settings that you can go through using the button the base to find the one that really works for you. And this has a really nice bonus … 100% waterproof! This will really help make bathtime one to remember!!


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