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Time for some bum fun … prostate massagers

1st February 2017

I was recently asked if I could recommend some arse play / prostate stimulators. And in the words of the Sally …. yes, yes, yees, yes, YESSSS! And so here are my recommendations for really getting your ass excited and your cock ready for some mind blowing orgasms!

These are presented in price order, getting more expensive as they go on, but all offer something of a buzz! And don’t forget the lube…


Rocks Off Raspberry (19.99)

Not sold directly as a “prostate stimulator / massager” this little bundle of joy deserves its place here. Small, perfectly formed and with their own RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator this definitely packs a punch! The vibrator can be removed easily for super easy clean up.

If you want to feel a little something inside your hole that is a bit more exciting then just a butt plug this is a good place to start. But if you are experienced in some anal play, maybe skip down a few places.


Rocks Off Rock Quest (£24.99)

Now we get serious … the perfect place for prostate beginners to start. This affordable bundle of joy is small, discrete and perfectly sized. The silicone ring on the outside is comforting to know about … particularly if you get a bit greedy and start to suck it up as you ride it!

The Quest has 10 speed sensations / speed settings that you can go through using the button the base to find the one that really works for you. And this has a really nice bonus … 100% waterproof! This will really help make bathtime one to remember!!


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Top to Bottom Leathers

25th October 2016

tbt-gear01Many years ago when I first visited Birmingham Bizarre Bazzar there was a leather straitjacket.

But this wasn’t just some run of the mill straitjacket, this was an item of beauty! The quality of the leather, the finish, the craftsmanship of the design and build was amazing. And that is how I discovered Top To Bottom Leathers, a small British company specialising in bespoke quality leather bondage equipment and products. And they are now one of my two main providers of leather restraints and products.

The company was formed in 2001 and have built a large legion of fans who love their products, they no longer visit many (if any) of the fetish markets / events because their order book is usually full. And if they take on too much work the level of service they provide can only go down through delays in delivery.

All of their own products are made to order, they don’t hold stock items, so if you need a new collar tomorrow these guys won’t be able to help. But if you want a locking collar that fits perfectly you will have reached the right place.

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Manchester Pride 2016

31st August 2016

2016-08-27 10.58.55Thankyou Manchester for not just a Big Weekend, but an amazing weekend! And thankyou to all my friends who were a part of it and made it so special. I last went to Manchester Pride a three or four years ago, and had quite a mixed experience of it. But was determined to make the best of it this year … it’s all in the planning.

I have quite a love / hate relationship with pride – indeed a good friend on twitter replied to a comment saying “you sound like a crotchety old man”, which is about right. I don’t really like hugely crowded places, queuing to get in a bar, or the fact that you can apparently only celebrate pride with music turned up to 11. I do enjoy a good bar with a drag DJ taking the piss out of everyone, but most of the time I’d prefer an old man boozer.

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Worlds Most Comfortable Butt Plug

22nd August 2016

wmcbp-sizelThis is a review of what is called “The Worlds Most Comfortable Butt Plug” made by the team across the pond at Mr S Leather in San Francisco, and available here in the UK from the team at Regulation Ltd in London.

This isn’t a really new toy, its been around since 2005 (probably earlier), but hasn’t had the presence it deserves here in the UK.

But before we get down to it (or it in) I just wanted to cover what is meant by “butt plug” – they are ass toys, but different to dildos etc. They are designed to be put in your asshole and left, the design usually angled or rounded for smooth insertion with a thinner neck. The neck width is important, as if you want to wear this for more then a few hours the more the sphincter muscle can fully contract the better and happier your ass will be.

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Island House, Key West

8th March 2016

keywest03 keywest02 keywest01

This past week saw me take my second visit to the Island House resort in Key West, Florida, USA. Long term readers of Gay Times may be thinking the name Island House sounds familiar – they have advertised in the magazine for years!

Island House is a gay men’s clothing optional resort based in Key West – the southernmost point of the Florida Keys and USA. It first opened in 1976 and now has 36 rooms with loads of facilities:

  • Heated pool
  • 24-hour bar and café (though no alcohol between 4 – 7am)
  • The best happy hour!
  • Two hot tubs (one indoor, one outdoor)
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Onsite gym
  • Adult cinema, cruise area
  • Large sun deck (smoking area)
  • Onsite massage therapist

We booked Island House because they had advertised in GT for so long, and also the online reviews and pictures. Though I have to say I think the website could do with being updated – the mobile version is much better.

This past week has been my 2nd visit, and talking to many of the guys here that is quite common … People come back. And if it didn’t take so long to get there I would happily go a couple of times a year.

Located at the end of Fleming Street the hotel is about a 10 – 15minute walk from Duval Street, there is a great little bakery around the corner (Old Town Bakery). The fantastic Michael’s restaurant a few minutes’ stroll away, and I highly recommend a visit for dinner!

With over 30 rooms to choose from and rates from $99 to $649 a night (depending on time of year and room type) you will be able to find a room to fit your budget. Or if you want to stay elsewhere you can also visit as a day guest, lockers available and full access to the facilities (and boys).

The rooms are lovely, I stayed in the same poolside room both visits, and I’m sure will book the same one again next time. Daily housekeeping visits, quality Aveda toiletries supplied and coffee maker (with decent supply of coffee), large fridge, and Xfinity cable. Though I have to say if you can find most channels without giving up you are doing better than me! They seem to be absolutely no order to them.

The main resort area surrounds the good sized heated outdoor pool. Even here in Key West it needs to be heated, it makes a real treat as you step in …  No shudder as you feel the chill of the water touch your balls. And of course means that at night it’s still warm to float around in.

Overlooking the pool is the café and bar. Food is available 24hours a day (menus on the website) and its excellent quality! I love the selection available, it’s not just the typical “American” sandwiches and fries selection. And of course they are so helpful on making meals that suit your tastes and preferences. And the chocolate cake is to die for!

When you stay here your room also includes the free poolside happy hour daily from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. This is a complimentary open-bar of all premium brand spirits, craft beer, and champagne!

As good as the resort is, they need to have good staff. And here the staff are awesome! Super friendly, flirty and excellent at their jobs. America understands and appreciates the service industry, and these guys do it very well. So many of the staff we recognised from our stay a year ago, and I suspect many have been here for quite a few years.

Island House attracts a great mix of friendly sociable guests, of all ages and sizes! There is also a nice mix of residents and day guests, many of the locals use Island House as their local “Club”, spending the day here enjoying the facilities on offer.

Sunday afternoons are Naked Pool Party, these can get very busy at peak times of year with the pool and bar full of naked men! You won’t know where to look first! And of course Wednesday, being Hump Day, has a pool party too (5pm – 8pm) which has an extended Happy Hour.

If you want a few days, a week or even a few weeks leave from the world I would highly recommend Island House.

If you want to relax with cocktails by the pool, you can. If you want to relax with a cigar naked under the stars, you can. If you want to get a blowjob in the sauna or cinema, you can. If you want to have breakfast at the bar naked, you can. If you want to sit in shorts and t-shirt by the pool watching the world go by, you can. If you want to visit somewhere to relax, enjoy the company of other guys, chat and enjoy good food and drinks without the pressure to have sex, you can.

It has a really relaxed vibe about it, and you can enjoy the time to unwind and chill as you want. I’m sure some guys turn up for a few days in nothing but the clothes they are wearing and toothbrush, and then leave in the same clothes having not worn anything their entire stay,

I’m already planning a return visit.

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