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Wishing you a Happy Kinkmas and a Spanking New Year

23rd December 2016

As Frank once sang, and now the end is near its time to face the final curtain. And that end is to say goodbye to 2016 in just over a weeks time! This year has flown by, and you have filled it with so many great memories for me.Read More …

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Visiting Spring Fair? Make your fantasy a reality!

3rd February 2016

I’ve done it, spent five long days stuck inside the maze of halls that is the Spring Fair at the NEC, Birmingham. Walking from hall to hall, getting the shuttle bus around to the far side because its just so huge and paying over the odds for a crappy sandwich and cup of coffee.

So if you are visiting the West Midlands to spend a week at the UK’s largest stationary and gift show, why not make it a trip to remember and live out those fantasies.

I’m available for incalls in Wolverhampton (35mins by train from the NEC) or I offer a special outcall rate for hotels in Birmingham or at the NEC – £30 on top of my standard rates, this covers travel and parking.

I can bring just myself, a change of clothes to wear something that really gets the heart pacing (suit, sports kit, leather, rubber, biker gear, workie boots and gear, stockings and suspenders, lacey knickers – the choice is yours).

Or if you are looking for a dinner date I can recommend a host of cafe’s, restaurants and bars in Birmingham from proper boozers, the best Chinese, through to Michelin starred dinning. You choose the style and budget, and I’ll make it a night to remember.

As one client told me, he didn’t just want an escort … he wanted an experience to remember!

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Four Questions #4

9th December 2015

This is going to be an ongoing blog series, four questions about me and my work. If there is a question you would like to see answered please send over and I will add it to the list for a future post.

Are massage treatments on a massage couch or bed?
My standard practice for sensual, tantric massages is to use my treatment table. The table has an gently heated to keep you warm, and also has motors to allow me to easily adjust the height whilst you are on it. Or to make it easier for you to get on or off the table.

The massage table allows me easy access to work all around you, ensuring lots of touch and long gliding strokes working the entire length of your body from head to toe. The table can also be used for Bodyglide treatments for lots of full body contact.

If you prefer to have a massage on a bed please let me know in advance and I can make sure that is available for the treatment.

I’ve never been naked with or touched by another man and feel very nervous and unsure if it is for me.
Many of my clients come to me for their first intimate male experience, it is a safe, discreet environment for it. We start slowly and any limits on anything you don’t want me to do are always respected. Throughout the time you can say no or stop at any time and we will immediately stop.

This a time for you to enjoy, to relax and to experience something you may have fantasied about. I will do my best to help you relax, feel at ease and to enjoy the time.

It is also the opportunity for you to try something new, knowing that you won’t have to do anything you don’t to.

Can I touch / massage you?
Absolutely – I love being touched! Some clients like to touch me, play with my cock during the treatment which is wonderful, others like for me to lie on the table and let them massage and explore another mans body.

This is time for you to enjoy how you wish.

Do I need to be covered with a towel?
No, most of the massages are done without any towels or draping – unless you would prefer to have one.

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Secure Confidential Cash Payments & Deposits

12th October 2015

For some sessions, particularly longer bookings, I do require a deposit paying. Also for repeated no-shows I will ask for payment in full at time of booking.

I do however understand that for reasons of confidentiality and discretion the usual methods by which such payments would usually be made (credit / debit card, bank transfer etc) may not be appropriate.

I am pleased to be able to now offer a safe, secure and fully anonymous cash payment option for deposits.

If you visit your local PayPoint store (often corner shops, news agents etc) you can buy a “PaySafeCard” (https://www.paysafecard.com/en-gb/products/paysafecard/) voucher in cash – you do not need to give your name, phone number or show any identity. The transaction is completely anonymous.

You can find your nearest PayPoint retailer on their website here: https://www.paypoint.com/en-gb

The receipt you will get from the PayPoint terminal will contain a 16 digit PIN number – a bit like a phone credit top up. Once you have this number you can call me on 07516 036 105, I can then use this to top up my account with the amount your purchased and then the deposit is complete, safe secure and anonymous.

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What is “Bodyglide” Massage

3rd August 2015

This is a treatment that has lots of body to body contact throughout.

It starts off like other treatments, you changing into a robe in private. We then go through a short relaxation and once you stand up I start to explore your body through the robe. And when ready I slowly undress you and begin to touch and explore your naked body – as you can mine.

Once on the table you will be slowly drenched in warm (unscented) oil, and then feel my hands all glide effortlessly all over your body. The idea of the bodyglide is to reduce all friction and barriers – the oil is topped up so that my hands just glide all over you, around your buttocks, your back, your arms, your legs, between your thighs etc.

And then my body – total male to male body contact sliding, gliding and exploring each others. My cock rubbing against yours and over your body. Hands, body, cocks, lips all free to touch and explore.

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