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Time for a Spanking

19th July 2022

Spanking … something many naughty boys desire, lust after or require.

And it’s something I find so much fun to do! I recently had the pleasure of the visit of a very naughty boy whose bum needed a lot of attention! An hour and half of spanking in fact.

You can see it here halfway through the session, doesn’t it look amazing and warm! Red bottoms are always such a treat to look at. I started him off with some classic over-the-knee spanking through his shorts to get warmed up.

This time also allows me to do something else – have a good feel! Spanking isn’t just hitting someone’s arse – that gets very boring for both parties, there is a skill and an art to it. The area you have to work with is a lot bigger than your hand, and you need to get familiar with it.

So while someone is over your knee you can do some nice gentle slaps, but you can also have a good exploration and get to know what you are working with.

Let them feel your hand running over the ass, down the crack, a gentle touch of the tips of your fingers behind their balls, finding the line between ass and legs and of course a nice big circle to run around the outside of the area you have to work with.

Now as I get familiar I can throw in some good sharp smacks here and there with a nice rub to soothe the buttocks afterwards. The reward if you like. And this can continue for a while, then it’s time for the shorts to come off! It’s so erotic and sexy to see an ass in front of you bent over, asking to be spanked. Craving that warmth and the feeling of the red glow.

The 2nd position often use is with the subject on their feet bent over … but this is a hard position to hold, so I usually put a small stool down for them to rest their hands and upper body weight on. This also allows for spanking to be included into other forms of play, maybe a quick punishment to remind them of their behaviour or that they aren’t showing Sir enough respect. They can be moved to lean over and rest on the stool knowing what is coming.

Since this was a longer session where spanking and impact play was a big part of it there was one place the boy needed to be, on the whipping bench or rather spanking bench for this session. This beautiful piece of furniture is from Fetters Warwick, padded leather support for both body and legs with straps to hold them down … up to 12 of them infact! But I mostly use the rear ones to hold down the legs and body.

And so it begins, the ass as in the perfect position and height for a thrashing!

Now spanking of course affects both of us, the sting of the spank also affects my hand! So to help with this I usually wear my tight leather gloves, they lessen the sing to my hand and look fucking hot. But sometimes even with the gloves, my hands need a little break so have an extensive range of paddles to use.

The paddles also add a different sensation and experience for the bottom, some softer, some worse, some much much worse.

But enough talk, would you like to see a video of the spanking? You should Follow me on Twitter or keep an eye out and you can see a preview in a few day’s time!

Finally – remember spanking or impact play isn’t for everyone! And of course, sometimes marks and bruises need to be avoided which I can do. Just let me know beforehand!

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Rubber, boots, suspension & miking

12th July 2022

This is a picture from slaves visit a few months back, a very memorable and enjoyable time!

A long time ago I saw a picture of another sub/slave in a similar position and always enjoyed the look of it, so when the opportunity came to recreate it I couldn’t say no.

A combination of rubber, tit pegs, suspension and milking with the Venus milker. Perfect! Of course the trick is to keep them on edge as long as possible … not always easily achieved with the milker though.

I didn’t this time but you could add to the intensity of this with say an eStim or vibrating butt plug.

Here I am using a sit suspension harness – easier to set up than the full suspension harness, and a more comfortable seated position for the legs. You just have to get the back support right which can be tricky to get right. But for scenes like this, it is a perfect solution.

Have you seen a photo or video online you find so hot you want to try to recreate it? Why not share it with me and we can see if we can make it happen for you!

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It’s not all “Yes Sir!”

4th July 2022

A lot of people assume that a session with me is all about the “yes Sir” – domination, Master / slave sub / Dom roleplay. Or it’s about pain when we talk about BDSM. It often is, but it doesn’t have to be!

Whenever I am asked what I do I describe myself as a “Professional Fetish Escort”. Some may say Pro Dom but I find that is too specific. I love domination, I love control, I love exploring people’s masochistic side with them. But that isn’t everything I do.

Now if you look through my website you see a common theme – leather and boots. These are two of my biggest gear fetishes! And they are incredibly popular with others I’m pleased to say. But I also have a lot of other gear too, or maybe it doesn’t have to involve gear – let’s just get naked and play around!

So, what do I do – what do I mean by Fetish Escort?

Well, I see my role is to help you explore your kink, your fetish … *your* sexuality and your fantasies and desires. If you want the Leather Master … great! But if you are looking for something more relaxed and maybe just want to try playing around with some mutual fun … perfect we can do that too!

For example, I’ve had people who wanted to try out a bondage chair, a sling, e-stim, or maybe see how a flogging feels. Some have just wanted to try out some gear before they bought their own … finding what a heavy leather hood, fucking machine or rubber vav-rac is like.

And we can do all of that in safe, relaxed space no “Yes Sir” required, just an open mind to see what works for you. It doesn’t always have to be fetish or kink related either.

I’m an excellent massage therapist and can give you the most amazing naked erotic massage, and these are really popular with people who maybe haven’t been with a guy before.

They just want to feel that intimate touch, and to know they are free to touch and explore too without worry about doing something wrong. These massages can be on my regular massage table or maybe the bondage table in the playroom … Some people like the idea of a little light bondage being added to add to the excitement.

Or maybe you would prefer on the bed – naked exploring each other’s bodies and talking about your fantasies.

I also like to think I can help people other aspects of themselves. I have had both male and female crossdressers and transgender visitors. I know lots of guys just love the look and feel of dressing in women’s clothes and underwear- it makes them feel sexy. But they don’t feel they can share that part of themselves with someone else.

Now there are some amazing dressing services around the country for TGirls, and they do a wonderful service! But maybe you want to explore the sexy side I can help with that!

That could just be wearing lingerie like stockings, suspenders and a bra or it can go to being a sissy sucking the cock of a 6foot 2 Leather Man or getting fucked by him with a strap-on for the ultimate pegging experience.

And of course, there are also trans guys too who want to explore their sexuality.

I’ve had guys visit who are incredibly confident in themselves but didn’t feel 100% confident in asking for the sex they wanted or how to explore it.

So yeah, it can be domination and consensual abuse, or it can be just hanging out naked.

Whatever your desire… I can help you explore it without judgement, and hopefully help you make some great memories for your own wank bank.

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