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Merry Christmas & Fuck 2020

24th December 2020

I just wanted to say a few words as we wave goodbye to the shitshow that has been 2020! If you click the image to the right you can watch my Christmas Message video.

For many of us, it has been absolutely devastating for our businesses and the businesses we love.

I have found it really quite tough not being able to work. Not able to do the job I love for the majority if this year has been horrible and really quite hard mentally. It is one of the reasons I haven’t done many new videos or been online much, but it is essential we look after ourselves right now and get through this.

Now, as we move into 2021 if you can support small businesses, be those butchers, bakers, leather makers, sex workers, coffee shops, kink stores … or any small independent store, please do!

Now more then ever the phrase “Use them or lose them” is critically important!

This also relates to favourite artists and content creators – if they have a Patreon or OnlyFans then support them if you can. All too often porn is stolen and people don’t feel they should pay for it – making content doesn’t come free of time, effort or money. So even if just a couple of quid tip, show your appreciation … and remember, wanking is year-round … not just for Christmas so if you can’t afford to support them now but can in the spring then do it then. It helps us pay our bills and encourages us to do more of what you love to see.

I don’t want to come across preaching or “woe is me”, quite the opposite, my stepping back has helped me get through this period. And I’ve tried to help others where I can, but I will admit I have been quite poor at keeping in touch with people these past few months.

Christmas is a time of so much pressure and expectation on us, and it’s tough for so many people. And this year it is that times a hundred! We can’t see friends or family, and we can’t socialise as we usually would.

For a lot of us, that means we may be spending Christmas home alone. And I have been so pleased to see so many in the kink and fetish communities all over the world organise online social gatherings on Christmas day for those who are alone or who want to chat to others. If this is something you would benefit from reach out and find local groups doing this.

That has been the year that has gone, let us look forward to 2021!

I’ve set myself a few things to look forward to, some new leathers once I get back to work – jeans, shirt and Muir cap high on the shopping list and then I need to visit Enfettered to get something new for the dungeon too!

And yes I’ve got a bit Covid fat – one of the reasons for the new gear, but that just means there is more of me to enjoy! And when things calm down a bit and I have the right focus I hope to lose those extra few kilos. But ya know what, right now I’m not beating myself up about it.

Unfortunately, social media and a lot of porn can perpetuate the myth that everyone has to fit the “Love Island” look. That isn’t realistic and frankly not something I find attractive or sexy – give me chunk and jiggly bits any day!

If you do have worries about body image and confidence I have found that watching Naked Attraction on Channel 4 is a great reminder that advertisers are wrong. We do all love different shapes, sizes, ages and have different sexual interests and turn-ons!

Anyway, I only wanted to say hello and Merry Christmas but seem to have gone on a bit. If you are struggling and just want to talk to someone please call the Samaritans anytime on 116 123. They are there to listen and for you to talk, even if you just want to say Merry Christmas or hello to another human – it can really help and you shouldn’t feel in any way embarrassed to call. They exist to ensure everyone has someone to talk to.

So, thank you to all those whose company I have had the pleasure and honour of enjoying this year, and I hope we can get together and enjoy lots of fun times in 2021!

Merry Christmas.

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HIV Test Video

1st December 2020

Today is World AIDS Day and there has been a video I’ve wanted to make for a while and this is the perfect day for it!

If you look on YouTube for videos about a product, technology particularly, you will find lots of “unboxing” reviews. People get a product and then unbox it, try it out and tell you about it as they go. So today I’m going to do my first unboxing review with a home HIV test. I’ll explain why in a minute, but first World Aids Day …

It is estimated that at the moment there are over 103,000 people living with HIV in the UK. Since it was first recognised in 1981, over 35million people have died from HIV or AIDS worldwide – making it one of the most devastating Pandemics the world has seen.

World Aids Day was started in 1988 to raise awareness, reduce stigma and of course raise money for research, awareness and support projects.

Because of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020 so many of the World AIDS Day Events have had to be withdrawn this year, which is having a huge effect on fundraising efforts to support those living with HIV and funding ongoing research.

There has been lots of news in the past few weeks about the amazing work done to produce effective vaccines for COVID19 … but please don’t forget there is still no vaccine against HIV! Which is why the safer sex message about condoms and PrEP is still so important!

Condoms Rose! Condoms! Condoms! Condoms!

Traditionally each year people show their support for World AIDS Day by wearing the red ribbon, but this year I suspect we won’t see as many because we won’t see as many people out and about – England is still in Lockdown, which is why I have massive hair in the video at the moment.

You can see in the video I have the National Aids Trust Virtual Ribbon on it, which you can get to show your support on your online avatars. And if you are in the UK you can support them with by making a donation for just £1 right now with your phone.

To do this text the word REDRIBBON to 70085.

And you can find out about the trust and donating on their website.

Like with the Covid19 pandemic regular testing can help us prevent the spread of HIV. There are many different tests available, the one I have used the most is this one – the BioSure HIV Self Test which is 99.7% accurate.

However! Before you do buy one please check the website of your local sexual health clinic or the Terrence Higgins Trust, these tests are often available free of charge!

The reason I wanted to make this video is to show what the test consists of, how it works and to reduce the stigma about HIV testing, what you may have to do.

Click the image above to view the video.

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