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Coming Soon – Fold Down Bondage Table

30th October 2017

I am frequently asked by regular subs and slaves “What new gear have you got Sir!?”

Never satisfied … always wanting new ways to be tormented. I have a shopping list of gear I want to get, never seem to make it to the end though, and this is currently at the top of the list – theĀ Fetters Wall Table with Folding Legs! Though I am going to have some adjustments made to it to fit my existing bondage board with all its extra restraint points and hole for slave cocks to hang through attached to the Venus milker! It also makes a nice St Andrews cross / standing flogging support when at an angle on the wall.

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“Hurt Me Sir!”

27th October 2017

I’ve said many times before that BDSM and time in the Dungeon doesn’t have to include pain, it isn’t what it is all about.

But for some it really is … and when you find those true masochistic pain pigs oh the fun to be had! There are many different ways of exploring a subs need and desire for pain, suffering and torture – spanking, flogging, canes, tit clamps, candle wax, electro / eStim are fine examples. The latter particularly so if they want to ensure no marking / bruising on the skin.

But one area of great interest to me is CBT … cock and ball torture, again perfect for inflicting anything from a mild “ouch” to severe agony without any marking. And hearing a subs muffled screams through the gag is pretty much guaranteed to get my cock rock hard!

CBT generally falls into three types of play – crushing / squeezing, stretching and hitting. Some are able to endure a lot more of one form then another, for example stretching can be taken to an extreme level where the sub is suspended by their balls! Clearly not for everyone, but it is definitely possible with experience and practice.
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