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New Bondage Gear

19th October 2015

bondage-gear01 bondage-gear02 bondage-gear03

I recently added some new bondage gear to the Dungeon collection that you can see above. Firstly some Fetters metal wrist manacles, these are very comfortable to wear – cold steel against your skin. And locked on rather cleverly with a concealed allen key lock. Look out for the matching ankle manacles that will be coming – perfect to combine with a piece of chain to the wrist ones and of course 1Kg heavy metal collar!

The 2nd item are some locking padded leather fist mitts. These are fully leather lined and padded with a padlockable buckle to keep them securely in place. They are close fitting and contoured, designed to fit a closed fist. When these padded fist mitts are fitted they completely immobilise the wearers hands, preventing them from being used.

The two together make for a very hot, frustratingly so for the slave, experience.

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Secure Confidential Cash Payments & Deposits

12th October 2015

For some sessions, particularly longer bookings, I do require a deposit paying. Also for repeated no-shows I will ask for payment in full at time of booking.

I do however understand that for reasons of confidentiality and discretion the usual methods by which such payments would usually be made (credit / debit card, bank transfer etc) may not be appropriate.

I am pleased to be able to now offer a safe, secure and fully anonymous cash payment option for deposits.

If you visit your local PayPoint store (often corner shops, news agents etc) you can buy a “PaySafeCard” (https://www.paysafecard.com/en-gb/products/paysafecard/) voucher in cash – you do not need to give your name, phone number or show any identity. The transaction is completely anonymous.

You can find your nearest PayPoint retailer on their website here: https://www.paypoint.com/en-gb

The receipt you will get from the PayPoint terminal will contain a 16 digit PIN number – a bit like a phone credit top up. Once you have this number you can call me on 07516 036 105, I can then use this to top up my account with the amount your purchased and then the deposit is complete, safe secure and anonymous.

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Four Questions #3

6th October 2015

This is going to be an ongoing blog series, four questions about me and my work. If there is a question you would like to see answered please send over and I will add it to the list for a future post.

What are you views about safe sex and / or bareback sex?
I only practice safer sex – absolutely no bareback.

I am also regularly checked and screened for HIV, Hep and all other STD’s to ensure my own personal safety and wellbeing as well as that of my clients.

I know many people prefer or will only have bareback anal sex, they each have different reasons – some don’t like the feel of condoms, some say they can’t stay hard with a condom on, some say it’s just not as much fun with a condom on. I don’t judge anyone who wants to fuck bareback / raw …  I’m just not sure a lifetime of daily pills, blood tests and associated side effects just is it for a fuck. No matter how good it is.

And it is also important to remember that the only side effect is bareback sex isn’t HIV, it is countless other STI’s that can be passed on too. So please – don’t ask me to fuck without a condom.

I also use condoms on my toys, and they are all washed after use, sanitised in hospital grade disinfectant after use.

How do you like clients to feel about the experience when they leave?
I asked a client once, and all he could manage through his beaming smile was “Wow”. I like my clients to feel they have and the experience they were looking for, and ideally it surpassed their expectations.

I want them to feel they had an amazing time, experienced something special that they can remember and enjoy thinking about it.

I’m coming from work can I have a shower?
Of course, I have shower facilities and fresh clean towels for you to use before and after your session if you wish.

Whats your favourite ice cream?
Many years ago a friend told me they always ask this question on dates or in job interviews. They said everyone has a favourite, and you know it straight away – if you have to think too long or hard about it your trying to say something to impress, not what your preference is.

And for me, the answer is always Mint Choc Chip, or Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew.

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