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Everyone has a different fantasy or fetish, and BDSM play is unique to their own desires. Read through these pages to see what I can offer to make your fantasies a reality. From light bondage to hard floggings, I can offer something for all kinky tastes and desires.


BDSM and kinky play is not the same for everyone - for some it is about exploring their masochist side so pain in various forms is a big part of it. For others pain is the last thing they are looking for - for them it is just about submission. It is about giving control to someone, obeying their commands.

For others bondage is the ultimate high - being tied into a leather straightjacket, or encassed in a tight sleepsack with hood on - sensory deprivation. There are many different scenes and scenario's I cater for.

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Beginners & Introduction to BDSM

Fetish play can be scary at first - particularly if you are taking your first steps. Reliquishing control, submitting to another man, allowing yourself to let go and to just be in the moment.

A 'taster' session starts with a chat about what turns you on, appeals, what gets you excited and then I build a 60 - 90minute session to include a variety of play for you to experience different things. To turn those fantasies into reality!

Sissy / CD / TV's All Welcome

I welcome all subs and slaves to my dungeon - and very much enjoy being served by those who like to dress up. From just a pair of sexy silky lace topped stockings, to Sissy's and cross-dressers all are welcome to serve at my pleasure

My Dungeon

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I have my own private dungeon space that is home to my collection of furniture, toys, equipment and gear that I have built up over the last 15 years!

The Dungeon is dedicated to its use, from the flooring, lighting control, and suspension frame that supports both an electricand manual winch and supports a Master U London Leather sling - in my view the best sling ever made.

I have several large items of furniture in the Dungeon - a Fetters Whipping Bench, a cage on which I have a bespoke bondage board, attachment points around the room and lots of bondage items from Fetters and Top To Bottom Leathers. To find out more about Fetters products please click the image to the right, or you can see more details on my Gear page.

Design Your Own Pup Hood

Pup Hood

Pup play has become increasingly popular in recent years, and as part of this several companies have released their own pup hoods for people to use. And one of the leading companies is Mr S Leather over in San Francisco.

One of the services they offer is the ability to design your own pup hood! A variety of colours available to make sure your pup hood reflects your own interests and personality. And here you can have a go at designing your own hood to get the right one for you, and of course to share on Twitter etc.